This blog is all about scams. During the last ten years I have got a lot of scams ant attempts to make money in a not so ethical way and this blog will present them all for you.

From all the years of Martial Arts training I have done in my life and that's quite a few now, I have one experience that shines like a star over them all. It is a bit strange and I haven't heard of any other Martial Arts practitioner that have had the same experience. I haven't even heard of any persons with the same experience at all. But exactly the fact that so few people apparently have this experience might explain why scammers use unethical methods to make money.

I dont say that my experience is the ultimate truth. It just made me wonder a lot and it made me change my behaviour in this world and looking back I must say that I am glad this happened to me although it hurt a little. Martial Arts includes a lot of sparring and more or less arranged fights and during some of those fights I sometimes unwillingly hit my partner too hard. One time I hit one straight on his mouth and he began to bleede. One might say that he should learn to defend himself and that it was his fault because he lowered his hands. Well, blame him or not… The fact is that I hit him! And the fight continued. BUT… within two minutes of this accident he hit me the exact same place and with the exact same result! Well I deserved that! The first few times this happened I didn't notice, but eventually I bagan to notice a pattern here. Every time I hurt my partner I would receive the same amount of pain within two minutes! Almost Instant Karma!

So my lesson her was something like: Do to others what you want them to do to you. I also began to think in energy terms and I concluded that energy works in circles. What you give you will later receive. Now twenty years after this conclusion I revised the lesson a little bit. Energy seems to work in spirals rather that circles. I think it has to do with the delay from giving to receiving. Giving an energy of "cheat" means receiving an energy of "cheat". Stealing form others is telling the universe that it is ok to steal which has the inevitable result that the universe will arrange that you get back what you gave others. Or steal back what you have stolen. I haven't been fooled by a scammer – yet! But who knows…

One day a clever guy might appear and try… Until then I will hang all the failed attempts to dry her in the global focus of all you Internetters. Laugh and learn! And don't get fooled!